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info:Tsunami 1 vs. Pilsen 2 F.A.S.T.-Finále II. DIVIZE (Budějická tlapka 2011)
event:Budějická tlapka  15.10.-16.10.2011 (České Budějovice)

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ZuTggdRu88 > First, as a graphic design major in college I want to know who designed this Wave menu and what were they th?!iingnk! And can I have their job!? Second — what fun!! AJ, how do you feel about the pricing of these events? Although the experience sounds wonderful, $155 is a LOT of money. But people will pay it and if I were down in Orlando, I’d probably try to set aside $300 for this, too.Oh, and if anyone does the Food & Wine preview, enjoy the Oregon blue! I live in Oregon and LOVE our blue cheese!!!

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