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info:Lenka Hajduková & Magic Touch vs. Veronika Krčmářová & Fantom - JUMPING D small
2nd Czech qualification round for EO & WC 2011
event:2. Kvalifikační závod pro reprezentaci na EO a MS FCI v agility 2011  25.6.-26.6.2011 (Prostějov)

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SqO5lbQK8 > I’ve spent a good deal of my life feeling the same way—feeling like I relate better with men off the bat than I do with women. Somehow that answer just doesn’t satisfy in this case for me, though. And I wo#;ln&u8217dt go so far to say that Jerry Seinfeld is a sexist (I certainly don’t know him well enough to say that), but I am disappointed, and I’m hoping for something better. We’ll see…

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